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Why Cloud-Based CMS and eCommerce are Likely in Your Future

The ability to innovate and compete online has become the great differentiator in retail. Retailers and brand manufacturers that embrace change can drive engaging customer experiences no matter how or where consumers interact with their brands. So, which technology changes should be up for consideration when it comes to content and commerce? – Cloud? Premise-based? Or something else? Must you choose one or is it possible to use multiple approaches to improve how you deliver experiences to customers across channels?

The increasing demand for being armed with a rich content management system (CMS) around a commerce engine drives many marketers and merchandisers to take a Content-first and Commerce-first approach to commerce as they benefit from the best of both worlds. On top of that, many organizations also feel more efficient when they integrate a standalone best-of-breed e-commerce solution with their digital ecosystem. In recognition of this need, instead of saying my way or the highway, in this webinar, we will elaborate on how businesses can gain flexibility and extensibility through a “headless” content plus commerce approach.

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Join this webinar to learn:

  • The different flavors of the cloud: cloud-based, true cloud, etc.

  • Why True Cloud leads to better digital success

  • The distinct advantages of a “headless” content plus commerce approach to doing business

  • Why your on-premise solution may be a limiting factor


Thursday, November 2nd
8am PST, 10am CST, 11am EST

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Stephen Medve

Stephen Medve

Stephen Medve is the Senior Analyst at CMSC Media. For the last 12 years, Stephen has been working as a Sales Consultant and Solution Advisor helping medium, large, and enterprise companies select their backbone IT ecosystems which include ECM, WCM, CRM, and eCommerce and digital marketing platforms.

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