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CMSC Live on Location at BloomReach Connect 2018

Today, Laura and I arrived in California for the BloomReach Connect 2018 event taking place in “The Village” of downtown San Francisco and we are super excited to be attending as on location media reporters for this one-day event.

Here at CMS-Connected, we thrive on gaining perspective from industry leaders so when an opportunity arises to cover an exclusive event such as this one, we cannot wait for the day to finally arrive.

Come and Say Hi to the CMS-Connected Team!

BloomReach Connect 2018 is jam-packed into a one-day agenda with over 300 digital enthusiasts and a little something for everyone. Laura and I will be hearing and capturing all of the engaging stories and lessons learned from digital marketers, developers, solutions leaders, business leaders, tech leaders, and e-commerce experts.

If you, too, are at BloomReach 2018 right now, send us an email and snag your seat to be part of our educational and entertaining interviews. If you couldn’t make it this year, not to worry as we are bringing so much unique and different valuable perspectives back with us. To binge on all our content from the event, do not forget to check back to our website or social media channels.

At this event, you will learn all about “the future of eCommerce and digital experiences” while having the chance to be “inspired, collaborate and explore the changes that are happening” as well as where digital experience is heading into the future. BloomReach will also be revealing their product roadmap and new features that will be key to your online retail successes.

The BloomReach agenda will consist of two highly engaging and innovative “tracks” by leading industry experts and peers:

Innovation trackLearn in this main stage track how visionaries and industry peers innovate by tackling complex and interesting digital challenges. Explore the connection between AI, machine learning and human creativity, between customers and employees, data and applications, content and commerce, and come away with the tools you need to get unstuck, and deliver the most relevant experience to every customer every time.

Getting Unstuck track - Whether you want to adopt content in your commerce environment, discover how others are creating the perfect customer journey, or join a Site Merchandising panel and best practices session, this break-out track will make you sure have actionable take-aways on marketing, solutions and merchandising.

Raj de Datta, CEO at BloomReach will also be kicking off the morning with a separate keynote session followed by an innovation track session with author Hemant Taneja. The session will explore not only the impacts that AI and technology innovations have but the impacts that will help build and shape the future for the economy.

BloomReach Launches DXP for Commerce

There was an exciting announcement at the DMEXCO trade show in Cologne a few weeks ago. BloomReach shared the news of their DXP joining forces with Elastic Path commerce. I was fortune to connect with Harry Chemko, Co-Founder and CEO of Elastic Path to hear what was new about this phase of the partnership and how the two brands plan on working simultaneously.

"The partnership between our companies combines BloomReach’s machine learning and artificial intelligence capabilities, their commerce search expertise and Elastic Path’s advanced commerce solutions to help brands more effectively engage with consumers and improve customer experience. With this new phase in the relationship, the BloomReach team has enhanced their go-to-market strategy by focusing more on experience-driven commerce with the inclusion of the work they’ve done following their acquisition of Hippo CMS."
Clint Burgess, Product Marketing Manager at BloomReach also shared his thoughts with me on some of the ways that businesses can best offer a personalized digital experience using the new release.

“Personalization is not just a 'you may also like' widget next to an article or product, which is how much of the market defines personalization. Many companies are still using only rules-based systems to personalize even though machine-learning has progressed beyond that (personalization rules still have their place, of course). Additionally, even when many vendors tout their 'artificial intelligence' capabilities, often they are simply referring to their 'you may also like' or email personalization features. We believe that personalization is much broader than that. Personalization is content, search results in e-commerce, ingestion of CRM data in order to understand previous purchases, etc. For B2B companies, this might mean showing different content or products based on availability in certain regions or pre-negotiated contracts. Or, it could mean personalization based on pre-defined segments like customer tiers.

There’s no doubt that this partnership will bring an array of new enhancements to the market but BloomReach, in my opinion, has created a self-learning digital experience platform that will help businesses behind every customer interaction. Being able to utilize that knowledge to deliver personalization to any digital experience especially for commerce is so important. 

Ending Notes

Join BloomReach and the CMS-Connected team in San Francisco to engage with fellow professionals and explore the latest digital experience innovations. 

For more information about this sold out event in San Francisco, check out the “Know before you Go” blog and maybe we'll see you there if you were lucky enough to snag a ticket!

Gabriella Pirrone

Gabriella Pirrone

Gabriella is the Digital Marketing Assistant for CMSC Media. She brings a wealth of knowledge from not only a CMS perspective but also content, SEO and eCommerce. She enjoys everything social media and staying ontop of the latest trends in the digital marketing world. 

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