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New Enhancements to Insite's B2B Commerce Platform

Insite Software provides digital commerce solutions designed specifically for manufacturers and distributors. Founded in 2004 they have been busy perfecting their commerce solution, by understanding the complexities that go along with B2B business, which has really put them in the forefront.

Insite's B2B eCommerce solution goes beyond commerce, connecting people, products and channels for rich, omnichannel experiences. By understanding the B2B buying cycle they have enabled businesses to provide best-in-class experiences for everyone involved. By providing more fully-supported B2B capabilities out-of-the-box than any other platform in the marketplace, Insite delivers digital commerce without compromise in a simplified manner.

This year, they have been busy releasing a series of enhancements to their e-commerce solutions InsiteCommerce. First off, in February they released additional capabilities that allow B2B customers more configuration capability reducing the reliance on developers for functionality and delivering an exceptional user experience.

The release of InsiteCommerce 4.4 features and enhancements include:

  • A Restriction Group Wizard that lets users set catalog restrictions to customize buying experiences by customer, site, or brand.

  • Unique List Management features that facilitate collaboration between users, provide list-to- order approval as well as create private lists for ease of re-order, and enable marketing and sales to create and share new product lists.

  • Enhanced features for Guest User Accounts to manage pricing per website and allow manufacturers and distributors to target multiple industries and new customers by setting unique guest pricing levels.

  • Enriched search capabilities that improve social sharing and SEO results, and accelerate the efficiency of search tasks throughout the B2B buying process.

“Our customers consistently ask for more configurability at the business user level, and 4.4 delivers on that. We’ve also provided new features involving product and list management and restriction groups. Plus, this release adds significant features and functionality regarding guest checkout. All of these enhancements put InsiteCommerce even further ahead of the competition in meeting the needs of the B2B customer,” said Karie Daudt, Vice President of Marketing and Customer Experience.

Latest Updates to InsiteCommerce

Most recently, Insite has announced some major enhancements to its solution, which includes Will Call, Dynamic Personalization, and marketing capabilities such as A/B testing and Dynamic Product Recommendations. Insite goes beyond commerce and unifies the experience between people, product and channels.

Specifically for B2B, InsiteCommerce 4.4.4 includes new features within three major components of its product suite:

Cart and Checkout - InsiteCommerce is designed to manage the complexities of manufacturing and distribution companies' challenging cart and checkout experiences. Insite's new Will Call feature enables customers to create an order online and pickup directly at a specific warehouse or other will call location. In addition, configurable cart and checkout rules and workflows can manage unique user experiences for both authenticated and guest users.

Native Personalization and Dynamic Product Recommendations - Personalization within B3B commerce is infinitely more complex than its cousin B2C model. Insite has added to its already robust personalization capabilities with dynamic data-driven product recommendations tailored for both new and existing customers. These new features improve upon Insite's considerable ability to build unique, impactful experiences based on a host of segmentation, location, device and other data strategies.  Personalization is built natively into InsiteCommerce, boosting manufacturers' and distributors' ability to create more powerful unique experiences that drive productivity and revenue simultaneously.

A/B Marketing - Whether the goal is to target existing customers with data specific to their needs by role or industry, or to use unique experiences to find and engage new customers through cross-selling and upsell opportunities, InsiteCommerce 4.4.4 provides marketers with the ability to conduct A/B marketing strategies in search of the right combination of tactics to meet and exceed customer's experience expectations.

"Our experiences with hundreds of midsized manufacturers and distributors has been that they're only just beginning to tap into the potential for increasing efficiency, reducing the cost of sales, and driving more revenue with B2B commerce," said Daudt. "InsiteCommerce 4.4.4 represents a new standard in B2B commerce, giving organizations the ability to create powerful, highly personalized customer experiences in a short amount of time and for a reasonable price."

A Leader in Forrester Wave B2B Commerce Suites

Just before Insite made this major release, Forrester announced their leader position in The Forrester Wave: B2B Commerce Suites Wave, Q3 2018. According to the report, commerce suites are finally catching up to the complex need of B2B businesses. Every quarter the global research company identifies and ranks the twelve most significant B2B commerce suites providers. For this quater the name are Apttus, Episerver, Handshake, IBM, Insite Software, Intershop, Magento, Oracle, Salesforce, Sana Commerce, SAP, and Unilog.

Insite, Intershop and SAP were the only players that are ranked as leaders, while other vendors like IBM, Oracle and Magento are ranked as ‘strong performers’. Insite software was selected  for it’s rounded out experience capabilities of its “already strong” B2B platform.

According to Forrester, "Insite has garnered a strong reputation from some of the most complex B2B manufacturers and distributors. It offers a fully integrated suite of products that can get a commerce initiative off the ground or mature a business's digital practice, thanks to its depth in areas like promotions management and B2B quick ordering.  Uniquely, Insite takes a hands-on approach from advisory service and best practices all the way through playing matchmaker between customer and implementation partner. Recent enhancements and additions to the suite include a freshly revamped CMS and a fully integrated business intelligence (BI) solution, Insite Analytics."

"We're proud that Insite has been cited as a Leader in this category. We believe this reflects our continued laser focus on delivering commerce solutions engineered for the complex challenges manufacturers and distributors face," said Steve Shaffer, Chief Executive Officer, and President. "We're also pleased to see that Forrester has recognized the fact that as a company, Insite 'plays equal parts teacher and student.' We're profoundly committed to responding to our customers' needs and desires with every new release. It's a big reason we've stayed ahead of the pack in such a competitive market."

Ending Notes:

"We've experienced some major wins in 2018 including a top spot in the Forrester Wave for the third year in a row and of course the overwhelming success of our first user conference, Engage 2018. These things don't happen without a strong commitment to listening to not only what our customers want, but what the industry needs to further digital transformation in the manufacturing and distribution space," said Shaffer "Our latest release mirrors new capabilities that empower Insite customers to be even more competitive, right out of the gate."

Built for B2B, Insite Software has become a leading commerce platform that unifies e-commerce, sales channels, content and data to create superior B2B buyer experiences. From its early days, Insite has truly mastered the understanding of every role within the complex B2B buying cycle has, putting them up there, as one of the most sought after solutions.

If you have any questions about selecting B2B eCommerce solutions that is suitable for your buiness, please contact us here.


Natalie Evans

Natalie Evans

Natalie Evans has over 16-years in the tech industry and currently works as the event coordinator and tech reporter for CMS-Connected, keeping up-to-date on what's happening in and around the Content Management industry.

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