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Bridgeline Digital Updates its Marketing Management Solution

Bridgeline Digital has announced they released an update to iAPPS Marketier, an online marketing management solution division of the company’s iAPPS product line. 

CMS-Connected has reached out to Ethan Lippman, Senior Product Manager at Bridgeline: “Our latest release of iAPPS is a major milestone for us. Our digital marketing module – iAPPS Marketier – is available as a standalone Marketing Automation tool for companies needing to quickly enhance their digital marketing efforts through campaigns, landing pages and multi-channel marketing,” he said. “And, for companies needing to revamp their web presence, that module is fully integrated with our Web Content Management System and eCommerce Platform, bringing together all the digital experience technologies needed for your website or webstore.”

iAPPS Marketier is designed to empower marketers with personalized and highly targeted marketing automation flows, so they can drive more qualified traffic to their sites. Dynamic contact and distribution list management, event-based response marketing, wizard-driven email campaign creation, built-in goal tracking tools to measure ROI, and end-to-end campaign administration are the distinct capabilities of the solution.  

To build rich digital campaigns with iAPPS Marketier Pro, users start with flexible templates and modules that incorporate each iAPPS implementation. From there, users can customize these templates and incorporate any necessary custom application integration. 

Bridgeline Digital strongly believes that today’s marketers should build interactive, personalized, ultra-targeted campaigns which have real-time measurement capabilities. Therefore, customization is the primary focus of iAPPS Marketier’s features. Here are some of the capabilities: 

  • iAPPS Marketier integrates content management and marketing automation, so marketers can build holistic customer journeys through personalized landing page content, custom email communication and a segmented experience.

  • The platform allows users to define audience segments and communication based on a user’s behaviors. For instance, marketers determine objectives such as purchases and the visiting of certain pages, and once reached the system automatically triggers behavior–based response emails

  • With a state-of-the-art AJAX user interface, iAPPS is easy-to-use so even the least tech-savvy marketer can edit content and elements as well as collect campaign ROI immediately without any coding or help from IT. 

  • With iAPPS Page Builder, users can easily add modules to landing pages, dynamically changing content based on variables like location, previous behavior and even your unique advertising data.

  • iAPPS Marketier’s Form Builder, similarly, enables users to add forms and determine specific data to capture, including dynamic variables.

  • Users also can build sophisticated applications with iAPPS’ API Layer and integrate them with their current systems.

  • iAPPS Marketier easily integrates with websites, microsites, portals, intranets, online commerce stores, mobile apps, or even the next big thing in the digital space, meaning that content is easily accessible for distribution. 

  • To tackle targeting and campaign optimization, iAPPS Marketier fully integrates with ERP solutions, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems like, as well as ad server engines such as Google. In this way, marketers can more efficiently utilize an existing client database. 

  • The solution can be deployed either on-premises or hosted in the cloud for a basic subscription price.

On a side note, Bridgeline Digital provides a flexible SaaS – Software as a Service – licensing model for those who want to spread licensing costs over several years, and who don’t want to own the responsibilities of maintaining and supporting the required backend infrastructure. For those who prefer to keep their web application in-house, the company’s technology is flexible to offer a traditional perpetual license option as well for their Enterprise license level.

According to the recent study conducted by the Aberdeen Group, organizations that are using marketing automation have seen 53% higher conversion rates. However, many companies haven’t realized the benefits of the tool just yet. In fact, TFM&A’s “The 2015 Marketing Technology Report” revealed that 61% of respondents to their survey said they were not using marketing automation at all and the remaining responses were split over a large range of 27 different vendors and combinations of solutions. 

So, how does Bridgeline stand out from this crowd? Well, they simply set eyes on mid-market expansion to triple their market opportunity. According to Ari Kahn, CEO at Bridgeline Digital, the launch of their new iAPPS Pro product line in June put the company in a unique position in the space where companies have to choose either large enterprise players with big up-front investments or small open-source technologies lacking functionality like marketing automation, personalization and user segmentation: “Over the past year we saw a distinct need for web experience management tools where efficiency was paramount,” Kahn stated in the release. “With iAPPS Pro, we can serve these more nimble companies and smaller companies who still need to build rich digital experiences – more than tripling our addressable market.”

Since there are numerous online marketing management solutions out there, it’s really hard for vendors to cut through the noise. Therefore, Bridgeline is shifting its strategy to announcing monthly releases instead of having two large releases a year. In my opinion, it is a great tactic as the company can keep the excitement consistently high in its community while solving the issues more quickly. 

There’s no doubt that marketing automation enables smart marketing. They do not only increase effectiveness and efficiency of marketing campaigns, but also help organizations align marketing and sales which is the the featured topic that we will cover in the November episode of the CMS-Connected Show recording live at the Kentico 404 Conference in Las Vegas on November 4th. If you are interested in hearing more on marketing automation as well as sales and marketing alignment from the experts, stay tuned! 

Venus Tamturk

Venus Tamturk

Venus is the Media Reporter for CMS-Connected, with one of her tasks to write thorough articles by creating the most up-to-date and engaging content using B2B digital marketing. She enjoys increasing brand equity and conversion through the strategic use of social media channels and integrated media marketing plans.

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