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Enterprise Content Management Developer Nuxeo Raises $20M

The New York- and Paris, France-based open source enterprise content management (ECM) developer Nuxeo received a $20 million investment from Goldman Sachs. This adds to the $10 million commitment by Kennet Partners announced in June, for a total of $30 million in funds.

“Today’s enterprises face increasing content and digital asset management challenges, especially when it comes to the increasing complexity, volume and diversity of digital content and its delivery channels,” said Eric Barroca, CEO at Nuxeo. “At Nuxeo, we’re delivering consistent innovation to address these challenges with the flexible, high-performance platform today’s enterprises need to manage growing volumes of complex digital content. With this additional investment from Goldman Sachs we will further accelerate our technical leadership while fortifying our global sales, support and marketing operations to capitalize on this significant market opportunity."

What’s been Cooking in Nuxeo

On the heels of the last funding round, the company acquired InEvo, a 3D enterprise content management software developer based in Lisbon, Portugal. Barroca believes that their expertise in content management for 3D assets will position Nuxeo even further ahead in the DAM market. Another important asset about InEvo is that the company is the developer of a collaborative, cloud-based digital asset management (DAM) solution for 3D content, Diorama. This solution provides a multi-touch 3D modeling tool, highly searchable digital asset management, direct integration with 3D printing services, and collaboration through social networks such as Facebook.

As a result of this acquisition, the InEvo development team joined the Nuxeo research and development team and remain based in Portugal.

Nuxeo also launched the new Nuxeo Mobile app for iOS in order to enable mobile users to seamlessly manage rich and structured content on the go, with the same performance as the content management applications built on the Nuxeo Platform for its classic Nuxeo web interface. Barroca added that they would add many more features to their iOS app in the coming weeks, and also release an Android app very soon.
Here are the current capabilities: 

  • Browse your assets and display their thumbnails

  • Preview your content without having to download it

  • Powerful full-text search thanks to the native Elasticsearch integration

  • Mark desired content as “Favorite” for easy retrieval

  • Personal workspaces provide access to your personal documents and assets

Investing in Product Development and Geographical Expansion 

The use of this most recent funding is not going to be much different than the previous investment as the company stated that they will invest in development of the following: its content and digital asset management platform, advancements with more NoSQL back ends, connectors for additional Big Data analytics solutions and Machine Learning engines, enhanced mobile and cloud connectivity as well as sales and customer service capacity expansion in North America while building a greater business presence in Northern Europe and Japan.

In addition to the most recent funding, Christian Resch, Executive Director at Goldman Sachs Private Capital, will join Nuxeo’s board. 

“With its growing complexity, enterprises find it increasingly challenging to effectively use and manage digital assets,” said Christian Resch. “With this new investment, Nuxeo is strategically positioned to capitalize on this opportunity by accelerating innovation and further building its impressive roster of customers across a large and diverse set of markets.”

Nuxeo Platform

  • API-first design with JSON as data format, schema-flexible content model that can be faceted for fast evolving models, horizontally scalable query engine and data persistence. 

  • The platform has an extensible architecture with over 150 plugins exposing more than 250 extension points, future-proof upgrade patterns.

  • It has independently and horizontally scalable subsystems, validated at 1B+ objects on a single system.

  • Live Connect allows you to create a content application that handles cloud files as if they were local files (Dropbox, Google Drive, One Drive, Box...). Files remain in the cloud but they are referenced in the Nuxeo repository as if they were stored within it. The platform also has several other connectors to main cloud applications like or Adobe Creative Suite. 

  • Nuxeo supports deep integration with cloud deployment infrastructures like Amazon Web Services and Azure. 

  • 2M+ LoC, 40 commits/day on 100 GitHub repositories, 100 to 600 CI builds/day, advanced automated tests, fully open and verifiable

  • With its flexible REST API, the platform allows you to chain several commands in single call for transaction-safe execution of commands set and minimize network roundtrips. 

Digital Asset Management Solution Features

Video Storyboarding: On import, video storyboards are automatically created by segmenting the contents of a video file with thumbnails. Also, chapters can be viewed individually, and the video streaming feature offers instant viewing access.

Annotations: Annotate images and pictures assets can be taken directly from the browser, enabling online collaboration, meaning that users zoom in and zoom out on graphic items to comment on detailed views and navigate from annotation to annotation for quick comment review.

Access Rights: Control sharing and access to assets is provided with Access Control Lists (ACLs), authentication, user sources, and user groups. It can also identify licensed external content. Users can monitor and log asset usage with audit history.

Asset Capture and Batch Import: Capture is handled by simple or batch upload of media assets with configurable and automated extraction and application of media metadata supporting IPTC and EXIF standards. Metadata can be assigned to assets by bulk tagging. 

Navigation, Search, Preview: Users can navigate through asset lists, through metadata categories or apply category filters. Dynamic filtering on multiple facets, or metadata is available, and navigation facets are fully configurable, and can be defined independently for a given asset type. Content can be viewed in thumbnail mode with zoom in / zoom out. Full-text search includes annotations and captions.

Renditions: Easily creating multiple renditions during the ingestion process is easy to create and, users can manage a range of resolutions, sizes, and formats in a consistent and connected way. Each rendition has its own unique URL for simple and accurate distribution and review.

The platform is used by over 1,000 organizations to run business-critical applications, including TBWA, Electronic Arts, Verizon, Sharp, Capital One, and the U.S. Navy. On the other hand, Goldman Sachs Private Capital invests $20 to $150 million per transaction in the form of common, preferred, and structured equity. Therefore, this new investment will allow Nuxeo to advance its technical innovation in order to help enterprises which face increasing content and digital asset management challenges, particularly in terms of the complexity, volume, and diversity of digital content and its delivery channels.


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