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4 Steps To Create The Perfect Digital Marketing Strategy

Whether you are a brand new startup or a company with years of historical data, having an online presence is not only mandatory but it should be carefully cultivated. Your digital marketing strategy can determine whether you rise above the competition or are damaged by negative reviews. Below are four steps to help you begin strategizing.

Decide Who Your “Best Customers” Are

Your best customers are the groups of people, according to research, who consistently buy your service or product. Within these groups of people are smaller groups of people out of your target audience who demand different services. As you develop your marketing strategy you want to clearly define the different segments of people needing your help. To do this you create personas, a fictional customer who represents the key demographics of that group. This includes the needs, motivations, and technical skills of those segments. This allows you to personalize how these segments interact with your digital media.

Make It Easy for the Right People to Find You

Once you have clearly defined who you are targeting you need to develop advertising that has a clear message that is easily accessible for your target demographic. Remember, people search for products and in this case, from Digital Marketing point of view SEO services company to solve a problem. Make sure that your website and advertisements are showing up in search results. Paying for top listings does not guarantee placement at the top of the page to ensure that you have done your research about keywords and optimize your landing pages, ensuring any advertisement is linked to the right landing page. Invest in influencer marketing. People rarely trust brands to give themselves an honest representation of their product or service. Find a blogger/vlogger, celebrity, or related youtube channel and co-create content. By creating a positive relationship they will share your brand with their network and eventually become natural advocates for your brand.

Enhance Your Website

Your website should be completely personalized for the different segments of your target audience. Ensure that all the ads lead to the most relevant landing pages and that all of your services or products are clearly represented. Make the page interactive, having a video on your landing pages explaining a service or product is a great way to give information without having blocks of text. You can also have a chatbot or search bar specific to your website to help them easily find what they are looking for. You always want to have a call to action, either signing up for your email list or buying a product. Button text on CTAs can have a surprising effect on conversion rates.

Use Email and Social Media to Engage with Customers

Email is an incredible tool because the people who sign up want to hear from you about potential products and services. You also are able to do highly personalized interactions based on their demographic information, meaning they are more likely to be interested in your new product or service. The trick to social media is frequency and consistency; you want to create a uniform identity. Using the data collected about your segments you should do targeted marketing.
Always review your content before posting ensuring it is on brand, engaging, and includes a call to action. Pictures and video will always be more enticing than pure text advertisements. In addition, engage with the question and answer forums such as Reddit and Quora. You can ensure that your brand is being accurately represented. Use any complaints as a means of showcasing your brand’s customer service. 
Know where your target demographic gets their information and rely on influencers to help spread positive information about your brand. Make your wordpress website engaging and provide access to your company through social media. Following these steps will help you cultivate a loyal customer base so you become a trusted brand. You can further grow this brand by hiring the services of a PPC management company or an SEO services company.


Chris Hickman

Chris Hickman

Chris Hickman is the Founder and CEO at Adficient with 15 years of experience in search marketing and conversion optimization. Since 2006, he founded helping businesses and websites suspended in Adwords to Get Back on Google.

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