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Insights & Innovations Podcast — Who Owns The Customer Relationship?

Erika Jones

By Erika Jones

September 13, 2019

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Wow! The summer certainly flew by quickly. Now that everyone has hopefully enjoyed memorable vacations both far or near, beach days, family BBQs, or perhaps just relaxing days at home, we welcome you back for our second episode of Insights & Innovations. Today, I bring in CMSC Media’s very-own Senior Analyst, Stephen Medve to discuss a topic that has been a hot debate around our office.
You may recall one of our recent articles by our tech writer, Lynette Sawyer, called Who Owns the Customer Relationship? This subject is what we’ll be touching upon today as Stephen offers up his definitive opinion on the matter.  
CMSC Media is dubbing this shorter video presentation a ‘pre-podcast’ with the goal to delve into this topic further by inviting you, our audience and readership, to share your opinion on the question of who owns the customer relationship. What we’re asking is straightforward. Watch or listen to the podcast to learn Stephen’s view, then engage with us through email on whether you agree or disagree with Stephen and telling us why you feel that way.
Share your thoughts of agreement or rebuttal to Stephen’s opinion via email at:
Please tell us your first name and, if you wish, a little bit of what you do. Then tell us what you think and why. We will be reading all of the feedback that we receive and showcasing constructive commentary in our follow-up episode. We might even invite a guest on the show to present their argument and have a friendly debate with Stephen.

Scroll down for audio only podcast.

Did our podcast get you thinking? What is your viewpoint on this hot topic in the CMS industry?   
Send us your perspective on who owns the customer relationship — whether or not you agree with Stephen — to
We greatly look forward to reading all of your responses! 

Erika Jones

Erika Jones

Erika Jones is a Tech Reporter and Content Marketer with CMSC Media. Erika enjoys combining her creativity with her technical skills through graphic design. She has a background in communications and marketing and has a flair for social media and content creation. Erika is an avid traveller and enjoys seeing firsthand how technology connects us all in business and pleasure.

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