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Are you ‘Kontent’ with your Content as a Service?

Stop me if you’ve heard this before. Content is king! Yes, of course, you have. Many times, in fact, and likely from this very source.
Just think about today’s digitalContent as a Service world. The pursuit for information is intense, attention spans are short, and patience is even shorter as demands for instant gratification are unrelenting. How do you satisfy these seemingly overwhelming conditions? Content. Content is a crucial element for comprehensive digital experiences. When you look at many of the powerhouse websites such as Amazon or Airbnb, they strategically — and successfully — use content as a converter to transform their target audience into customers, and customers into lifetime brand ambassadors. 
As important as content is, the creation, pace, and quantity of its production can be an enormous task for businesses of any size. In today’s competitive landscape, many — if not most — companies struggle to produce enough content to meet audience demand or their business’s goals. You can read more in our post, Streamline Large-Scale Content Creation without Losing Quality. With so many moving parts in content creation, companies need to find a way to streamline the content management process while ensuring quality output. 
Goodbye, CMS. Hello, CaaS!  
Recently, Kentico unveiled their move to Content as a Service (CaaS) packaged up in a new brand called Kentico Kontent.  
Back in 2014, Kentico started to investigate the challenges of how businesses were managing content. With the realization that the traditional CMS model would not meet the future needs, the creation of a new headless CMS took place and was launched as Kentico Cloud. Still, Kentico felt their vision — a better way to manage and scale the content production process — would need to go beyond this headless model.  
Stated beautifully by Micheal Andrew is his article, The Importance of the Content-as-a-Service Mindset, “Content as a Service isn't just another technology. It's a new mindset about how to create, manage, deliver, and track content.” 

What does CaaS (and its mindset) bring to the table? 

“Content as a service or managed content as a service is a service-oriented model, where the service provider delivers the content on-demand to the service consumer via web services that are licensed under subscription.”  — Wikipedia

We can appreciate the benefits of Kentico’s mindset that CaaS is a new paradigm for managing content. It supports an entire company’s content operations and limits working in silos, duplicating efforts, and overall poor or no return on investment content. From planning, creation, delivery, to optimization and assessment, the CaaS model can automate and continually push content, keeping it updated and fresh — precisely what’s being looked for by audiences, and search engines alike! 
Integrating a CaaS can transform your content team into a nimble, digestible, viral-making, shareworthy content-creation powerhouse. Let’s compare the conventional approach to the CaaS mindset:

The Conventional Approach 

The CaaS Mindset 

Create each deliverable one at a time 

Build a library of reusable content pieces to use in different content items 

Create content for a specific destination 

Create content that can be delivered to many destinations 

Design a new website, then create content for it 

Create content first: the content is flexible, so that the designs can be changed later 
Essentially, your team will be enabled to produce anything, anytime, for any channel.  

Why Kentico Kontent?  

“It is time to regain control over your content.” — Kentico
Kentico Kontent unifies all your content in one place and publishes it wherever you need it, enabling collaboration on your content from beginning to end.
Assess your content and build your content strategy with Content Performance insights. 
Plan or map your editorial or content calendar using the built-in Content Calendar. 
Create clever and well-structured content with their purposely user-built editor. 
Review your content with your team using real-time collaboration tools like comments and suggestions. 
Publish content in any format, across any of your channel using Kentico APIs. 
Optimize content based on A/B testing using Optimizely or other third-party integration tools. 
Personalize your content using personas, campaigns, or any other dimension or leverage its native integration with Recombee and gather AI-based content recommendations. 
Other key features and functionalities of this CaaS include:

  • Mapping projects to your editorial calendar 

  • Assigning contributors and watch the progress. 

  • Real-time status updates, limiting last-minute errors or surprises. 

  • Clutter-free authoring environment to produce structured content directly into the CMS to avoid painful copy-pasting (and errors) 

  • Real-time team collaboration for content reviews — reducing wasted time and drafts sent via email  

  • Ability to publish content across multiple websites, mobile apps, and even chatbots 

  • Insights to better strategize your content, including best-performing authors, best performing content, and topics that best resonate with your audience  

  • Combining Google Analytics with content metadata to provide insights 

  • A/B testing 

  • Personalized experiences 

  • AI-powered recommendations 

Kentico Kontent also works with your existing technology stack. Some key integrations:

  • Google Analytics 

  • Google Docs 

  • Hubspot 

  • Magento 

  • Slack 

  • Shopify 

For a full list of integrations, visit
Not only is Kentico Kontent a CaaS powerhouse, but by using this platform, you will be among the likes of some of the top content teams around like Vogue and Starbucks. 

Ready for a new era in content management?  

Kentico feels that Content-as-a-Service solutions are going to be central to enterprise organizations in the coming months and even years. As a leader in CMS solutions, they have a strong track record of providing valuable solutions for companies including Kentico EMS, the all-in-one CMS, eCommerce, and Online Marketing platform, and now, Kentico Kontent — the flexible Content-as-a-Service solution. 

Out with Content is King and in with Kontent is Kentico!

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Are you interested in exploring the world of Kentico? Our team at Falcon-Software are leaders in Kentico development and would be happy to schedule a call to discuss how Kentico Kontent can improve your CaaS service or how the entire suite if Kentico products can help your business for better web performance, eCommerce, and marketing solutions. 

Lynette Sawyer

Lynette Sawyer

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