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Is Drupal 8 The Most Important Product Release in WCM History?

Jade Carter

By Jade Carter

August 6, 2015

Dries Buytaert, Drupal

The statement in the title was recently immortalized online by Acquia CMO and ex Ektron CMO, Tom Wentworth. Needless to say, the boldness of the statement drew some attention.

Stepping back to our fantastic episode in July which also happened to feature a lengthly conversation with Drupal founder and Acquia CTO, Dries Buytaert. You don't get higher in the Drupal family tree than Dries. We were extremely thrilled that Dries took some time out to share the most up to date information on the viability and status of the much anticipated Drupal 8 release.

Catch up on the Dries Buytaert interview below: (opens in new window)

The Quote That Set Twitter on Fire

In the days after the show as we started promoting the segment, an interesting conversation emerged on Twitter. EPiServer developer @ahenrichsen asked us a question via Twitter during the airing of the segment:
  This seemed a reasonable question considering the dialogue from the interview. A question that we jumped on and also tagged some other individuals in order to spurn the conversation... It worked; line, hook and sinker. (Thanks Tom!) After that extremely bold response I thought of none other than our esteemed co-host, Scott Liewehr who might just like to fan this smouldering fire. I then poked Scott to see if he had anything to add; we weren't disappointed.
Thanks to Scott for jumping in and having some fun with this thread.
This was one of the most entertaining Twitter 'conversations' that I've had the pleasure of helping to instigate in recent memory.
One of my personal favorite Tweets from the myriad of spinoff conversations.
Then this popped up.
As you can see these couple of tweets sprouted a huge Twitter conversation that moved from bold statements from Drupal executives to a whole FOSS vs Proprietary discussion that might still be happening. Who knows. There are dozens more fantastic tweets relating to this conversation out there, and so I've listed a couple of the longer threads for you below.

Here are a couple of conversation links that you might want to skim over for some afternoon entertainment. Massive discussion featuring @Gagetopia, @Twentworth, @Sliewehr, @Ahenrichsen, @Tim_walters, @CMSconnected

Another conversation built from lead antagonist, @Ahenrichsen.

If you'd like to share some thought's that won't disappear with every tweet, consider dropping us a note on the show page, click the 'leave comment' link to open the Disqus panel.
Jade Carter

Jade Carter

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