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5 Content-Based Technology Predictions for 2016

Venus Tamturk

By Venus Tamturk

January 8, 2016

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It was a very interesting year across the Web CMS landscape with game changing mergers and acquisitions, a few eyebrow raising scandals and organizations getting a lot more serious about their digital strategy. Let’s jump into the content based technology predictions for 2016 and see what it holds for digital leaders.

First off, Creative Operations Management will break through in 2016.  COM represents a systems-based approach for increasing timeliness, capacity and compliance in the creative production process. What does this improvement mean for creative teams? Typically when marketers are using digital marketing, marketing automation, and digital asset management technologies (DAM) the vendors are traditionally focused on helping companies deliver their finished assets.   In 2016, new players are going to emerge focused on helping the marketer complete those work-in-progress files.  COM’s will also become of more importance in order to raise the efficiency in organizations’ creative workflow. (Theory based on the Real Story Group 2016 Digital Workplace and Marketing Technology Predictions Report)

Secondly, the prediction is that vendors are going to be moving away from PaaS and shifting to IaaS (Platform-as-a-Service to Infrastructure-as-a-Service). In recent years it has become very common that almost every single web content management (WCM) vendor claims they are established with cloud capabilities but what that really means is that they offer PaaS (platform-as-a-service).  Savvy customers nowadays don’t want to have their software companies be their hosting companies.   Rather, they would appreciate going with a more traditional infrastructure.

Not only will IaaS replace PaaS, but predictions say another player participant will hit the field; SaaS (Software-as-a-Service). Forecasters say SaaS will become the default model as the social-collaboration technology. As some of you might recall from the previous CMS-Connected Show, Barb Mosher Zinck from Digital Tech Diary stated that today more employees are using their own devices or cloud applications to share content outside of the office. Therefore, vendors are really pushing SaaS model solutions, even though traditionally enterprises are concerned about putting their internal collaboration, data and conversations in the cloud. In 2016, analysts forecast us seeing more companies utilizing SaaS models in house, as competition and technology solutions are expanding day by day.

Another interesting trend in 2016 will be wearable technology. According to the experts in the industry, wearables will evolve.  Currently it is somewhat rare to see people wearing technology devices in their daily lives, but in the enterprise marketplace wearables are gaining traction. CIOs and CMOs are paying more and more attention to this trend. What does it mean for content-based technology?

  • More vendors will add support in app development specifically mobile app development.

  • Vendors will provide users with more application and device management support for wearables within their technology.

  • Content publishing vendors will start to enable their users to deliver content to these wearable devices.

In 2016, content marketing will become a standard feature, as content-oriented marketing is already a critical part of companies’ digital strategy. However, this is becoming a threat as well as opportunity for large digital marketing technology players as they are great at publishing content across numerous channels, but are not necessarily helpful in running a full content marketing campaign.  Therefore in 2016, larger players will start to adopt content-oriented marketing campaign management features integrated within their overall products. Ultimately, this topic will become more and more mainstream as time goes on.

To hear more on the predictions for 2016; tune in on Thursday, January 28th at CMS-Connected as our host Scott Liewehr and Butch Stearns review the news and events that shaped 2015 and predictions for the content management industry in 2016.

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Venus Tamturk

Venus Tamturk

Venus is the Media Reporter for CMS-Connected, with one of her tasks to write thorough articles by creating the most up-to-date and engaging content using B2B digital marketing. She enjoys increasing brand equity and conversion through the strategic use of social media channels and integrated media marketing plans.

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