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Meet Bryan Soltis Appearing on CMS-Connected in June

Coming up on June 30th we will pour fuel on one of the oldest clashes in the CMS world; Open Source or Proprietary. Helping us fan the flames, and champion of the Proprietary Software legion will be Bryan Soltis, Technical Evangelist at Kentico Software.

Bryan Soltis - Kentico
Bryan is a walking encyclopedia of Kentico development capabilities and features. As an official Kentico MVP Bryan has had to earn that title through extensive experience deploying Kentico solutions across a variety of markets. Further bolstering his MVP'ness, Bryan is frequently speaking at national and international industry events advocating the platform for wide ranges of business uses.

Will There Be a Victor?

As mentioned, we are excited to welcome Bryan to the show. He is sure to give Arje a handful as they debate which platform has the upper hand when comparing value to features.

Will the proprietary camp win out with their seasoned support structures and strong integrator partnerships? Or will their sometimes over the top license fees and questionable OOB features land them in the passenger seat.

On the other hand, will the Open Source side, lead by Arje Cahn, flank the debate with its support and documentation superiority or fully integrated multi-channel marketing features? Still some OSS platforms also provide both of those options.

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The Debate on CMS-Connected

What are the factors that one should consider when choosing between these two WCM technologies? That’s exactly what Butch Stearns and Stephen Saber will try to figure out with our special guests Arjé Cahn, CTO from Hippo representing the Open Source side of the debate and Bryan SoltisTechnical Evangelist from Kentico representing the Proprietary side.

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