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Will Episerver Enhance Global CX with the Lionbridge Connector?

Lionbridge Technologies, based in Waltham, Mass. a provider of global content management, online marketing, translation, and application testing products, has announced the Lionbridge connector for Episerver Digital Experience Cloud. It means that marketers are now able to create, store and manage multilingual content from within their working environment, whether they are using the Episerver Cloud Platform or the on-premises version. 


As a “Leader” in the Gartner Magic Quadrant, Episerver is one of the top web CMS providers. Episerver enables users to create and edit content in-context, ensuring that the look and feel of content aligns with other users’ within the organization. A champion of innovation, Episerver also encourages Solution Partners to apply their specialized knowledge and innovative ideas by creating Add-on solutions. Episerver Add-on solutions are adapt to integrate with the Episerver Digital Experience Cloud, delivering quality-certified applications, created, sold and supported by sophisticated developers. 

The Lionbridge connector seamlessly integrates with Episerver’s Digital Experience Cloud to reduce the level of support needed from your IT team. Once installed, the connector technology inserts translation workflows directly into the Episerver user interface to provide translated content through the end-to-end automated solution. 

Sophie Ekberg, Corporate Agency ManagerDUNI, a joint customer of Lionbridge and Episerver, commented on the product: “It was great to find a partner in Lionbridge that will enable us in the future to truly optimize and manage our global brand in a fast and cost-efficient way.” 


Connector's New Features

  • Users install the connector package from a NuGet package (.nupkg) using the NuGet Package Manager, from within Visual Studio. You can download the Lionbridge Connector for Episerver here. 

  • Users are now able to activate and configure translation backup jobs. 

  • The connector now supports importing a project that has not yet been fully translated. 

  • The connector now automatically updates translation projects with redelivered assets. 

  • Users are now able to create language mappings to Episerver language codes.

To find out how these features work, please check Installation and Configuration Guide

Advantages of the Lionbridge Connector

  • Saving time: Eliminates the error-prone, time-consuming manual process of copy and pasting text for translation with an automated solution.

  • Reducing costs: Lionbridge’s translation memory enables users to save time and money.

  • Reducing risks: The user friendly dashboard provides alerts and tracking to help eliminate the obstacles and move forward faster. 

  • Technology is more intelligible: A comprehensive tech slack is created by integrating translation and content management functions into one platform as well as extending the functionality of Episerver WCM. 

  • Cultivate global branding: Maintain consistent brand equity globally while remaining locally relevant.

  • Preview feature: Allows users to preview the translated documents in-context before publishing, so they can check formatting consistency in all languages and insure translated content fits into the desired template structure.

System Requirements

The supported platform versions are Episerver CMS 7.5, 8, and 9. The Lionbridge connector for Episerver has no additional hardware or software requirements beyond those of Episerver.

String, XHTMLString, ContentArea, blocks, ContentReference, and custom page properties can be easily translated into any language supported by Episerver. 

The Executives' Standpoints


"With the Lionbridge connector for Episerver Digital Experience Cloud we have created a seamless experience for Episerver clients to manage translation," said Marc OsofskySVP and General Manager of Global Offerings at Lionbridge, "Lionbridge's flexible solution can address even the most complex Episerver deployments."


“As the world’s fastest growing provider of digital marketing and digital commerce platforms, Episerver acknowledges the value of providing end-users with access to specialized solutions created by experienced developers,” said Karen ChastainDirector of Strategic Alliances and Partners at Episerver. “With specific knowledge of translation and globalization, Lionbridge and its Episerver connector are contributing to helping our customers support true digital transformation in their marketing initiatives.”

In conclusion, using the Lionbridge connector for Episerver will significantly benefit global organizations to deliver consistent messaging in different languages across their specific markets. 


Venus Tamturk

Venus Tamturk

Venus is the Media Reporter for CMS-Connected, with one of her tasks to write thorough articles by creating the most up-to-date and engaging content using B2B digital marketing. She enjoys increasing brand equity and conversion through the strategic use of social media channels and integrated media marketing plans.

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