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[Guest Post] Have You Incorporated HubSpot Into Your Marketing Strategy?

The following article was contributed by Sunny Lenarduzzi.

During the next CMS Connected show on May 28th, Sunny Lenarduzzi will do a full review of inbound marketing software giant, Hubspot. Ahead of the live show, Sunny wanted to give you a little insight into HubSpot. Take it away, Sunny.

There is a lot of information out there you need to consider in your content marketing plan. HubSpot is a great option for an all-inclusive tool. It captures different needs of your content marketing strategy from blogging, to CTAs, to landing pages, emails, and analytics.  

I recently spoke with Mike Volpe, CMO of HubSpot and he explained why social media is so heavily integrated into their platform, “we’re big believers that buyers have all the power now and buying processes have changed. Social media has changed the way marketers sell to their audience, therefore, HubSpot has found it vital to adapt their platform to those changes.” 

They aim to help companies attract visitors, convert leads, and close customers. How do they do that? The goal is to attract customers, not to interrupt or bug them. It really boils down to remembering that you are marketing to humans.  HubSpot suggests that inbound marketing is a 4 step process:

1.    Attract

Content created to answer questions your prospective clients may have; optimized for search engines and shared across social media. 

2.    Convert

Great, now you have prospective clients on your site, how do you get them to convert? The answer lies in valuable material and clear calls to action.

3.    Close

Turn leads into customers by nurturing marketing quality leads (MQLs) into sales quality leads (SQLs) - gradually introducing visitors to higher level, more sales-relevant content as they prove their interest by repeatedly opting in.

4.    Delight

Collect information your customers share with you and help them with issues that matter to them. Word of mouth marketing is the most cost effective way to spread your message. 

Inbound Marketing Methodology

Specifically, HubSpot is one tool to help with eight different inbound marketing tactics. These include email, sites, SEO, marketing automation, landing pages, analytics, social media, and blogging. 

HubSpot not only supports clients to optimize their inbound marketing, but they walk their walk too. They offer top quality blog content that can support your digital strategy. Definitely check out their blog and the social media feeds. We’re sure you will find something that you can take away and implement in your social media strategy. Mike Volpe explained, “We try to be helpful and educate first and foremost. We want to add value before we ever ask for value.”

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Jade Carter

Jade Carter

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