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Meet David Ginsburg Appearing on CMS-Connected in May

CMS Connected is very happy to welcome Social Media Marketing Strategist David Ginsburg into the studio for this month's Social Media episode. David is a Content & Engagement specialist with Rose Atwater Social, a Social Media Marketing agency based out of Boston.

David’s background in radio promotion and programming provided a strong foundation in how to build, engage, and sustain a community – exactly what marketers everywhere are trying to accomplish with social media.

Currently, David is a social media marketing specialist with a 6+ year track record of implementing social media programs that deliver meaningful results for small and medium-sized businesses. This includes driving increased consumer engagement, brand awareness, and conversion through the strategic use of social media content and integrated media marketing campaigns.

"I love to provide social media marketing training and coaching with clients both corporate and non-profit, providing in-depth strategic training with top social media channels."

David describes himself as a unique combination of deep creative thinking and social business strategy; an experienced, results-focused Social Media Marketing professional with a track record of delivering positive growth results for clients.

We really look forward to meeting and spending some time with David on the set of CMS-Connected. Please take a moment to Register for the Show

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Jade Carter

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