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5 Reasons Why You Can't Miss Hippo.Connect 2015

Written by Joanna Madej

I’ve been to my fair share of industry events. Hippo.Connect, our first-ever US event, will not be your typical conference. It's in our mission statement. Rather than filling audience seats, we’re connecting a network of developers, architects, digital marketers and content strategists. Rather than giving lectures, we’re starting a discourse. And knowing that the most memorable insights come from the conversations that start between sessions, we’ve chosen a venue that’s familiar and sparks engagement. From our code to our office culture, we’re a company based around openness and collaboration. And we’re obsessed with improving the customer journey. At Hippo.Connect we’ll be doing what we do best: bringing business and tech together to perfect the digital experience.

A tangible approach to the customer journey--for the whole organization

The customer journey. The digital experience. They’re only buzzwords when there’s no substance behind them. Whichever terminology we use, the rise of “customer experience thinking” involves the whole organization taking steps to create relevant and data-driven experiences across channels. This involves collaboration between marketing, tech, business--not to mention the integration of marketing technology.  Events season has just begun, but here at Hippo we’re already through with conferences that stick solely to the theory. WithHippo.Connect, we’re bringing together our community to share tangible approaches to improving the online experience for customers, end to end.


Hippo.Connect’s two-track agenda (for Tech and Marketing, respectively) promises memorable customer stories, partner insights, visionary keynotes from Jeroen van Rotterdam, CTO of  EMC’s Enterprise Content Division and the Content Marketing Institute’s Chief Strategy Officer Robert Rose as well as a panel hosted by our friends at CMS-Connected. CMS-Connected will be broadcasting live from the event. Attendees will walk away inspired to take their digital projects to the next level with the applicable insights to guide the next steps in their strategy.


I could fill volumes on why I’m excited for Hippo.Connect, but to name just a few:

The Speakers’ List is a Digital Experience A-list

Our Marketing track speakers will share their visions on the modern digital customer experience-- but they’ll also share how they’re putting those visions in practice. We’ll be showcasing the digital marketing stories of Couchbase, one of the world’s fastest growing tech companies, Paint Nite- a company transforming entertainment with the “Paint and Sip concept” and Carhartt, one of the most recognized names in streetwear (and eCommerce.)

It’s Packed With Technical Vision

By no means solely a digital marketing event, Hippo.Connect will also feature technical talks from customers including a global manufacturing heavyweight and the Association for Computer Machinery-- a nonprofit with over 100,000 members .

We’ll Get a Sneak Peak of the Future of Enterprise Software

In his keynote, EMC’s Jeroen van Rotterdam, CTO of the Enterprise Content Division,  will share insights on how combining Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and Content Management Software (CMS) can improve the customer journey, and how the entirety of the organization must collaborate for the customer experience.

And the Future of Content Marketing

There are few greater experts on content marketing than the Content Marketing Institute’s Robert Rose. Robert will show digital marketing audiences how to take the guesswork out of content marketing with Content Performance, creating a relevant and compelling customer experience across the customer journey .

Agile Development

No digital project can achieve its goals without a solid base of elegant code. We’re an open source CMS, so our developer community is our core. Whether they’re new to our software or Hippo CMS veterans, developers interested in Java, CMS and enterprise software development will feel right at home at Hippo.Connect. We’ll put faces to the names on our mailing list, and give practical examples of how to work with this open platform, bringing enterprise applications to the web across all channels. With talks on agile best practices, continuous deployments and implementing Hippo CMS in your environment, we’ll demonstrate how Hippo CMS helps developers build omni-channel web experiences using a multitude of technologies like Java, Angular JS and REST API’s.

From “Future Music” to Applicable Insights

These days, whether you’re in business or tech, you’re part of orchestrating your organization’s digital experience. It’s with this understanding that we’ve organized Hippo.Connect: to demystify the customer journey for organizations--connecting our community, sharing our clients’ and partners’ stories andinspiring them with applicable insights. Will we see you there?

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Hippo.Connect Boston

October 1st, 2015

Aeronaut Brewing Company

Jade Carter

Jade Carter

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