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Is the Suite Approach to CMS Dying?

While platform solutions are making it easier for organizations to connect into their infrastructure, new products and services are still being shelved because it may be easier to buy a product, but it is a whole different story to use the products effectively.

On December 23rd our hosts Butch StearnsScott Liewehr and special guest Alan Pelz-Sharpe discussed whether products should be moving towards a Best of Breed approach, and whether the industry is even ready.  In the vendor spotlight segment, Amy Martyn from Falcon-Software, reviewed an all-in-one CMS, E-commerce, and Online Marketing platform Kentico & their new release - Kentico 9.


Dec 2015 - Show Segments


Drupal 8 Finally Released

Drupal released the long-awaited Drupal 8.0 platform, setting off a series of bashes and social celebrations — 200 parties around the world according to Drupal creator Dries Buytaert.


Promises of the best from Ektron & EPiServer

The new release of the Episerver DEC is expected to offer substantive new and converged functionality and promises to empower marketers, merchandisers and digital developers to achieve their ideas through a productive “people-first technology” platform.

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Is the Suite Approach to CMS Dying

While most of the leading vendors in today’s Web CMS market are very suite oriented, there is a huge appetite by organizations to rip-and-replace technology that they have put into place. Watch Butch Stearns, Scott Liewehr and our special guest Alan Pelz-Sharpe as they dive into the topic.

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Finding Meaning in Global Customer Experience

The constant drumbeat of market-speak has nearly pushed us to the point of semantic satiation with the terms "customer experience." Scott Liewehr, our expert insider plunges into the topic to see if the term CX has lost meaning.