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New Salesforce AppExchange Connector by Bloomreach

Erika Jones

By Erika Jones

September 10, 2019

B2B, BloomReach, Salesforce

Salesforce AppExchange is used by 95% of the Fortune 100. It is the world's leading enterprise cloud marketplace where companies find innovations to expand on Salesforce functions and services. In fact, 88% of Salesforce customers have a solution from AppExchange installed, making it a considerable part of the Salesforce engagement. So far, they have 6.5 million installs, and that number continues to grow. The apps allow for Salesforce customers to create a specialized experience that fits perfectly within their industry or size of business.

Bloomreach has recently announced that they have built a connector to the AppExchange for their B2B search & merchandising tools. Salesforce users will now be able to integrate the industry-leading AI-powered tools provided by Bloomreach.

Bloomreach reports that users of its Search and Merchandising platform (brSM) usually see a substantial conversion rate increase. With the incorporation of brSM on AppExchange, a greater number of companies will have the opportunity to take advantage of Bloomreach’s technology in a seamless, uncomplicated fashion. BrSM's key capabilities include:

  • Product ID searchPatrick Finn Discusses Bloomreach's new connector for Salesforce AppExchange

  • Segment-based and one-to-one personalized search

  • Complex entitlement and contract support

  • B2B semantic understanding

  • Multi-language support

  • Intelligent merchandising and analytics tools.

I was recently able to connect with Patrick Finn, Head of Global Channels at Bloomreach to discuss the connector and value it brings to customers.

This is an exciting development for Bloomreach. How long has your team worked to perfect the Salesforce connector, and how does it stand out among the approximately 5,000 solutions on AppExchange?

“We have been working with Salesforce since the beginning of the year to become their key B2B Search & Merchandising launch partner as part of their new B2B partner ecosystem. Since Salesforce acquired CloudCraze in April 2018, they have been rapidly expanding the partner ecosystem for what is now called Salesforce B2B Commerce to offer even more value for their customers. As with any commerce platform, customers often integrate with a variety of third-party applications to enhance and customize their sites. By integrating the Bloomreach app into their Salesforce B2B Commerce environment, customers are now able to leverage Bloomreach's world-class search and AI-driven merchandising tools that are truly unique in the market.”

Salesforce B2B Commerce Partner Ecosystem

What does the B2B Search & Merchandising connector for AppExchange have that differentiates it from the stand-alone service offered to Bloomreach customers themselves?

“The main advantage of this connector is that it accelerates the implementation time for using the Bloomreach Search & Merchandising solution in combination with Salesforce B2B Commerce Cloud. But there is more — both products combined provide additional value for B2B companies. Salesforce's own artificial intelligence layer, Einstein, delivers unique AI insights into data points like customer profiles, transactional data, et cetera. If you combine this data with our Bloomreach AI, you are able to offer highly-personalized and optimized product search and category experiences, as well as product and content recommendations, resulting in more engaging B2B experiences with higher conversions and improved business KPIs.”
To those who may be thinking of implementing the connector, what would you say are the principal advantages of using Bloomreach’s B2B technology?

“The number one advantage is clearly increased revenue. Our customers typically see an increase in search revenue up to 40% when leveraging our intelligent search technology with B2B semantic understanding to show each visitor exactly what they're looking for. Product ID search makes it easier for them to find specific products without having to figure out the description. By making it easier for B2B buyers to find what they are looking for, we are addressing some of the top struggles they are facing in the market with 35% of B2B buyers claiming to have difficulties researching and comparing products. B2B businesses who are addressing these pains will have a clear advantage over their competition.”

Ending thoughts

Patrick tells us that Bloomreach customers typically see a 40% increase in search revenue, which is undeniably significant. Bloomreach’s brSM is already a proven and functional product, and the collaboration announcement is excellent news for AppExchange customers who want to ramp up their search and merchandising efforts.

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Erika Jones

Erika Jones

Erika Jones is a Tech Reporter and Content Marketer with CMSC Media. Erika enjoys combining her creativity with her technical skills through graphic design. She has a background in communications and marketing and has a flair for social media and content creation. Erika is an avid traveller and enjoys seeing firsthand how technology connects us all in business and pleasure.

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