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Video Marketing Trends for 2016

2015 was a very rich and busy year in video content marketing, but undoubtedly, 2016 has even more potential in this emerging trend. This year, video and visual content will dominate the consumer landscape more than ever as brands make it a priority to entertain and inform their customers through visual storytelling.



Cisco has recently released a very interesting prediction: “It would take an individual over 5 million years to watch the amount of video that will cross global IP networks each month in 2019.” In other words, nearly a million minutes of video content will cross the network every second by 2019.

Even though, video content marketing is a very broad area, there are some quick wins which brands can tap into to leverage their customer engagement. Here are some trends on the rise:


On-Site Videos

Consumers will no longer be satisfied with browsing videos on YouTube that explain how products work. Instead they’ll expect brands to deliver them effective video content which can help make an informed purchasing decision. Therefore, some brands have already started integrating video into their web sites. On-site videos are very effective and compelling, especially in the Software Industry where products and services are complex. We will see more video content not only on products pages, but also home pages, landing pages, and “About Us” pages. Here are 16 successful websites showcasing their video backgrounds.


Mobile-Focused Social Apps

In 2014, Mark Zuckerberg stated: “In five years, most of Facebook will be video.” Last November, Facebook also announced that they are generating 8 billion video views per day while YouTube announced that 400 hours of video were being uploaded to the site every minute in July. Twitter made video content a priority and launched Twitter Video, Periscope, and Vine. Since Twitter launched video functionality to the public in late January 2015, it has already seen more than 43 million videos uploaded to the site by more than 10 million creators.

Although video marketers are already engaged with main social platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter, mobile-centric platforms such as Snapchat, Instagram, Tumblr, etc. are rapidly becoming key components of video marketing strategies. Six billion views come from Snapchat on a daily basis, and the Periscope community is viewing a total of 40 years of content every day! The advantage of these platforms from the marketers’ perspective is the ability to leverage targeted consumers’ unique social data and execute effective video campaigns.

Live-Stream Videos

Live-stream social platforms like Meerkat, Periscope, Facebook Live and Snapchat are the future of digital marketing. This year more brands will be doing celebrity takeovers, live question and answer online events, sneak peeks, product introductions and behind the scenes via live-stream videos. It will be interesting to see how live-stream social video will permeate into online marketing strategies in the upcoming months.
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As video interest peaks on all social channels it is a disappointment to notice how video adaptation is lacking on LinkedIn so far. Even though, LinkedIn enables its users to upload a video, it is still not common to see video content shared on home pages. I believe that either many users have not noticed this feature or the general perception about the platform has not matched up with this trend, however I’m sure in 2016 we will see much more posts in video format on LinkedIn just like the other social platforms.

In addition to LinkedIn, according to Michael Brenner, who is the CEO of Marketing Insider Group and Head of Strategy at NewsCred, SlideShare is the biggest opportunity in B2B Content Marketing. He also states in his own blog post that Slideshare is being used by business owners and business executives at a rate 5 times any other social network.


Integrating Video into E-mail Marketing

Video e-mails easily stand out from other e-mail communications by quickly drawing the attention of receivers. Since they are much more engaging than plain texts, video e-mails make more impact on subscribers. Also it saves time for the receiver to help make complex information easier to digest. On top of everything, if effectively planned and managed, video email marketing is one of the best ways to utilize SEO as it leads viewers to easily share the content on other platforms.

2016 will be an exciting year for digital marketers and brands in many ways and there is no doubt that visual marketing will be a key component of the effective and efficient online marketing strategy. If you are interested in hearing more from our CMS Analysts on the predictions for the content management industry in 2016, join our host Scott Liewehr and Butch Stearns on Thursday, January 28th at CMS-Connected.  


Venus Tamturk

Venus Tamturk

Venus is the Media Reporter for CMS-Connected, with one of her tasks to write thorough articles by creating the most up-to-date and engaging content using B2B digital marketing. She enjoys increasing brand equity and conversion through the strategic use of social media channels and integrated media marketing plans.

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